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Discount Coupons from Viva.gr

Εκπτωτικά κουπόνια από το Viva Travel
If you have a coupon from a Viva promotion (e.g. Facebook promo, promo campaigns), you can redeem it with your next air- or ferry ticket purchase. On the payment page you will find the relevant section in which you must enter the code of your coupon. Note also:


  1. If not stated differently, the coupons are only valid for round-trip tickets (airtickets or ferry tickets) for at least 2 Persons.
  2. If now stated differently, the validity of the vouchers lasts one week from the date of code publication.
  3. The coupons can only be redeemed with an online purchase of air- and ferry tickets (purchase with credit card or paypal) or via mobile app Vivawallet.
  4. The coupons may not be combined with other offers and with every purchase you can only use one coupon.
  5. The vouchers, unless otherwise stated in any offer or contest is strictly personal and not transferable.
  6. If the value of the coupon is greater than the value of the trip, a minimum of 1 € will be charged and the remaining amount of the coupon can not be used.
  7. If the tickets are canceled after the redemption of the voucher, the amount of the voucher is not returned, neither for a partial nor a complete cancellation.
The redemption of the vouchers is made on the payment page for air- and ferry tickets (see the below screen shot)