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General Terms & Conditions - ENDEAVOR LINES

Endeavor Lines


Passengers, their vehicles and luggage are carried according to:

  1. The Athens Convention 1974 for the carriage by sea of passengers and their baggage.
  2. The Greek Private Maritime Code.
  3. ENDEAVOR LINES General Conditions of Carriage, a copy of which is available on request.

The terms and conditions include exceptions and limitations to the Carrier’s liability in case of sickness, accident or death of passengers, damage to or loss of vehicles or luggage and delays or deviation of the vessel. In particular, the Athens Convention 1974 includes limits to the Carrier’s liability with respect to loss of or damage to luggage or accompanied vehicles. According to the International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) the following information must be provided by each passenger at the time of reservation: Surname, Name or Initial, Sex, Age or Date of Birth or Age Group (Adult, Child, etc.). Vehicle type and registration must also be provided. Non-EU nationals must also provide passport number, expiry date and EU visa expiry date.



Passengers must be in possession of valid travel documents with visas as required by Italy and Greece, as well as the necessary documentation for their vehicles. The Company accepts no liability if passengers are refused embarkation or disembarkation in either country and will require payment in full for return transportation, if disembarkation is refused. Cancellation due to lack of valid travel documents is not considered "force majeure ". Any fines imposed by the Authorities as a result are the sole responsibility of the passenger. In addition, valid proof entitling passengers to reductions must be produced on embarkation, otherwise the Company's representatives will refuse to accept passengers and/or their vehicles unless the difference due is paid.


Passenger and vehicle tariffs are always expressed in Euro. Meals, beverages, embarkation and disembarkation fees are not included in the ticket tariffs.


Reservations can be made through all Travel Agents, the Company’s Head Office, the Company’s General Sales and Port Agents. Groups, trucks, trailers and unaccompanied vehicles are subject to special tariffs.

UNACCOMPANIED VEHICLES: Are accepted for transportation as cargo only on payment of a 50% supplement on the published "Accompanied Vehicle" tariff; a bill of lading is issued for these vehicles by the port agent at the embarkation port, where additional charges applicable to cargo may have to be paid. For details apply to the Company's Head Office or agents. The ticket is strictly personal. It is not transferable and is valid only for the specific accommodation and route it has been issued for. Any change must be reported to the issuing agent, the central reservation office or the port office of departure.


Passengers with “open date” tickets should confirm their reservations well in advance especially during high season (summer). Open date tickets are valid for one year from the date of issue. For such tickets the fare is calculated on the basis of “Low Season Return”, passengers being obliged to pay any difference in case they travel during “Mid” or “High” season or when changing their accommodation.


In the event of ticket loss, the passenger must immediately notify the company’s Head Office with details of the ticket in question, or at least the name and address of the issu­ing office, the name(s) of the passenger(s) recorded on the ticket, and the date of purchase. Passenger must replace (buy) the lost ticket with a new one in order to travel. Refund of the lost ticket will be made at the end of the year only if ticket has been found not utilized.