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Discount & Cancellation Policy - European Seaways

European Seaways

Tarrifs are in Euro, per passenger, per vehicle, per way
Infants 0-4yrs old travel free on deck
Children 4-12yrs old are entitled 50% discount on any accommodation
Only tickets originally purchased for a round trip voyage are entitled to the return discount
Announced discounts are not accumulative
The ticket is personal and is not transferable
Passengers with open date ticket must book well in advance their travel date to ensure they will find availability for the accommodation paid for. The Company is not in fault if the passenger with open date ticket does not book in advance for his travel.

According to EU Directive 98/41 passengers must provide their details for the passenger registration system. Passengers with special needs must declare this at the time of the reservation.
Passengers arriving at check in without the original ticket may be refused the travel by the Company

Cancellation fees apply as follows (excluding tickets purchased with special offers under which they may be non refundable):
– Cancellation up to 30days before departure: 100% refund
– Cancellation from 29days till 7 days before departure: 75% refund
– Cancellation from 6 days till 24hours before departure:50% refund
– For non-show tickets there is no refund

The refund is only made by the agency that has issued the ticket.

Early booking offers tickets are not refundable.

Passengers must be present for check-in minimum 2 hours before the departure time. Passengers in late arrival are not guaranteed their embarkation on the vessel.

Arrival and departure times are in local time where Arrival time is the arrival of the vessel at the pilot station of each port.

The Company is not liable for delays that may result from reasons of port congestion.

Prices and Timetable are liable to change without further notice and the Company reserves the right to impose a fuel surcharge without further notice.

In case of any unexpected trip cancellation the liability of the Company is limited only to the full refund of the ferry ticket the passenger holds.

The Company has the right to charge a change fee of 50e per reservation subject to availability.



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