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Fast Ferries

Fast Ferries

The ferry company Fast Ferries has been operating in the Greek shipping market since 1989.
In 2007 they launched the modern cruise - ferry, the "Theologian P." with the itinerary Rafina, Andros, Tinos, Mykonos.

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The Fast Ferries routes carry out their routes with the ship "Theologian P.” which offers passengers a safe and comfortable journey, even in extreme weather conditions.

It is a modern passenger ship, which accommodates 1200 passengers, while the garage can transport 400 private cars or 70 trucks.

Aikterini P
Theologos P.


Useful Information

Children under the age of 4 years are entitled to 100% discount upon the issue of the ticket, and children aged 4-11 years old are issued a ticket with a 50% discount.

ItenerariesFast Ferries

The Fast Ferries makes daily trips from the port of Rafina with the following route:

Rafina - Andros - Tinos - Mykonos

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