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Discount & Cancellation Policy - Golden Star Ferries

Golden Star Ferries

The cancellations of tickets can only be made by the agency that issued the tickets and only by showing the original tickets. Tickets can not be cancelled via phone.

According to the time of cancellation the following cancellation terms are valid:

Up to 14 days before departure: 100% refund or change to open date ticket.

From 14 days up to 6 days before departure: 75% refund or change to open date ticket.

From 6 days before departure up to 12 hours: 50% cancellation fee.

Tickets cannot been cancelled or changed to open date after vessel’s departure.

During Orthodox Easter period, Holly spirit’s days and the whole August month, tickets are refunded without cancellation fee or they change to open date tickets 14 days before departure. 14 days to 6 days before departure there is a 25% cancellation fee. 6 days before departure, the same term applies as on the paragraph above.

Open date tickets:
Open tickets are canceled without charge unless they were originally issued as an open date.
Tickets may be converted into open date up to 12 hours prior to scheduled departure. When converted to open date tickets the cancellation is charged with 50% fee.


Unaccompanied minors are allowed to travel as long as there is a solemn statement from the parents that they allow and consent to travel. The child will have to make the responsible statement with his ticket.

Student discount: This discount is only given by the physical presence of the passenger at an agency of the shipping company, with the demonstration of the student's identity and is valid for students of only Greek Universities and Institutions with a valid pass.

**For vessels Superrunner, Superexpress, Superspeed, Supercat, babies up to 2 years of age travel for free without a seat and can not be registered electronically. This means that the customer makes the reservation without declaring the infant and can communicate with the ferry to enter it in the notes. Children's ticket is issued from 2 to 10 years old.