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Do I have the option to choose between fares that have different privileges?

The travel needs of each passenger are not always the same.
In order to cover each and every possible need you may have regarding your trip, with the most popural airlines, we offer you the opportunity to choose between fares that have different privileges. You can compare the prices and the privileges between the different ticket categories that the airline provides and choose by simply clicking that really suits you, like fares which not include or don’t include baggage as well as fares which provide you the ability to change or cancel your ticket (with a minor penalty or with no penalty depend on the fare), or even fares which do not include baggage or/and which do not provide the option to cancel or change your ticket after its purchase.

The penalties for any ticket change/cancellation depend on the fare rules which each airline applies.
The detailed fare rules are available for review on our site, before purchase under the details of each flight you have chosen.
For every cancellation/change Viva.gr charges a service fee, which is in addition to any charges from the airline company. Viva.gr service fees is based on the current pricelist
Press here to see the fees for ticket cancellation/change



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